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After Firozabad, IMA official warns about ‘bad’ dengue situation in this UP district

Firozabad : Amid heightened concern over Dengue in many north Indian states, a top official of the Indian Medical Association, Agra, said that 40-50% of patients in the district are suffering from dengue or viral fever. Calling the Dengue situation “bad”, IMA Agra president Rajeev Upadhaya said that 60% of the patients suffering from the viral disease are children, reported news agency ANI.

“The situation is bad. 40-50% patients suffer from dengue and viral fever. 60% of the patients are children,” ANI quoted Upadhaya as saying.

Agra chief medical officer Arun Kumar Srivastava said that the district has reported 35 cases of dengue. of which 14 cases are still active. Srivastava further stated that fogging activities are being conducted in medical colleges and hospitals to contain the spread of Dengue while hospitals have been instructed to inform immediately about the arrival of any patient.

With 60 deaths related to viral fever till Monday, UP’s Firozabad has been the worst-hit district. Firozabad’s chief medical officer Dinesh Kumar Premi said that five of the 60 deaths are confirmed cases of dengue while the rest are linked to viral fever, reported ANI.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is considered the primary vector of dengue and their eggs hatch when they are in contact with water. Delhi-NCR, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh have also been witnessing an uptick in cases of dengue amid the ongoing monsoon season.

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