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Congress made IIT, AIIMS, BJP only sold: Priyanka

Lucknow : Congress General Secretary and Uttar Pradesh In-charge Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday said that Congress made institutions like IIT and AIIMS, whereas Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), after forming the government, instead of creating, gave priority to sell off things. Interacting with the youth through social media, Priyanka said, “Congress has been saying this continuously that development of the people will not happen by caste and communal politics, they won’t get jobs. “Those, who are talking about 70 years, should know it was Congress, which made institutions like IIT and AIIMS. BJP has not made anything in the last few years, in fact, it sold some. Now, if privatisation of Railways is done, then job opportunities will end.” “I don’t understand what problem the BJP government has with the students and aspirants. During the time of Indira ji, a student agitation took place in JNU. She went there to meet the students, who read out their demands that she should resign, she shouldn’t be the Chancellor and she resigned from the post. But today, the students are being threatened and assaulted. Student Union elections have been banned,” she said. Priyanka said that during the election times, BJP does not speak about employment because neither it has done anything, nor it intends to do so. “Leaders in UP know that people are voting on the basis of caste and not on the basis of condition or roads, water or school. Why will they talk about development, when they are getting votes,” he said. She said this arrogant government does not understand that by giving jobs to youth, it is not doing any favour to them. In fact, this is their duty. “Therefore in Bharti Vidhan of Congress, we have talked about preparing a job calendar, so that timely recruitment can be ensured. We have talked about formulating a law to take action, if it is violated. Besides, a special recruitment commission will be constituted, which will offer solutions on old pending cases,” she said. 

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