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HIMCARE helps a kidney patient to get proper treatment

Hamirpur (HP) : HIMCARE, a free health-related scheme of the Himachal government has helped an aged woman Roshni Devi of Chhatarkalan village of Bhoranj sub-division, who was admitted to the women’s ward of Dr Radhakrishnan Government Medical College Hospital, Hamirpur to get proper treatment.

At the age of eighty years when she was leading a lonely life with her aged husband, it was not possible to get proper treatment as her son is also working as a driver in Delhi and living there with his own family.

Roshni Devi, who was admitted to the hospital in such a critical situation, saw a ray of hope in the Him care scheme of the Himachal Pradesh government. Through this scheme, she is able to get costly treatment for serious kidney disease.

She is getting absolutely free treatment with HIMCARE card. Roshni Devi, who is repeatedly expressing gratitude to the Himachal Pradesh government for this facility, says that the HIMCARE scheme is proving to be a great help for the victims of serious diseases and their families like her.

Chief Medical Officer Dr RK Agnihotri said that the Himachal Pradesh government has started the HIMCARE scheme to provide free treatment facilities to the people left out of the Ayushman Bharat scheme of the Central Government. Five members of a family can take advantage of this scheme. HIMCARE scheme is proving to be a boon for poor, low-middle, and middle-class families.

The Chief Medical Officer said that so far 66,133 people have been given Him care cards in the district.

Out of these, 21,520 people have got their free treatment under this scheme.

It’s worth mentioning here that for providing the cashless treatment coverage, the State Government has implemented Himachal Health Care Scheme (HIMCARE).

Himachal Pradesh has accomplished this ambitious plan of implementing a digitalized health care program successfully. The success of this scheme is discernible as more than 5.50 lakh families have been registered under this scheme and are receiving free medical treatment facilities.

HIMCARE provides cashless treatment coverage of up to Rs 5.00 lakh per year per family, which is being provided on a family floater basis. As many as 65533 people amounting to Rs. 60.66 crore have been treated cashless under this vibrant scheme.

The State Government has implemented this scheme with the vision that a healthy India could only be achieved if it has healthy citizens.

The patients don’t have to stand in queue for filling forms, paying dues, or treatment entries. The government has found the alternative for this time-consuming process and is providing e-cards, e-forms, online treatment entries, and cashless transaction management systems.

A senior officer of the HP Health Department told UNI that nearly 200 health institutions are registered to avail benefits of this scheme which includes 56 private hospitals and PGI Chandigarh.

From 1st January 2020, new e-cards are being issued by the Government. Serious diseases like cancer, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer and many others are also covered under this scheme.

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