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There is no difference between Hindi and any regional language: Shah

New Delhi : Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday said there is no difference between Hindi and any regional language, Hindi is friend of all Indian languages ​​and it can progress only through co-existence.

Addressing a programme on the occasion of Hindi Diwas here, Shah said, ‘When we accepted the Constitution, along with it, we also decided on 14th September, 1949 that the official language of India would be Hindi and the its script would be Devanagari.’

’14th September is a day to assess what we have done for our languages ​​and the Official Language and what we have done to promote them, what we have done to protect and promote them, especially for the young generation, to command their respect and glory for the local languages,’ the Union Home Minister said.

‘Today when we look back, there was a time when we felt that perhaps the country would lose the battle for its languages,’ he said.

Shah said for ages to come, India will preserve its languages, and ‘we should also make our languages flexible and useful’.

The Union Home Minister said the Nation is celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Freedom under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to commemorate 75 years of Independence.

One of the goals set by the Prime Minister for the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ from the ramparts of the Red Fort, was a Self-Reliant India, Shah said.

He said the phrase self-reliant should not only be seen in the context of production and commercial institutions, the phrase self-reliant is also about languages ​​and only then the dream of a Self-Reliant India will be a reality.

‘If we do not become self-reliant in terms of languages, then a Self-Reliant India

will have no meaning,’ Shah said.

The Union Home Minister said three words – Swadeshi, Swabhasha and Swaraj – greatly contributed to the Freedom Struggle and these were the three strong pillars of the Freedom Struggle.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a huge campaign of a Self-Reliant India to promote Swadeshi, the Union Home Minister said.

‘All of us together, especially the new generation, have strengthened our own languages,’ he said.

The Union Home Minister said there is no need to be hesitant, when the Prime Minister of the country speaks in Hindi, speaks in his own language, even at the highest global stage, then what should we be hesitant about?

Shah said gone are the days when people would judge someone for speaking in Hindi.

‘You will be assessed on the basis of your work and abilities, and, not on the basis of language,’ he said.

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